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Private Cloud

A Private Cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure that is exclusively used by a single client whereby all hardware and software resources are dedicated solely to, and accessible only by that client only. This can be deployed on either an organization’s own data center or a third-party collocation facility.

As Angani, we design configure and maintain Private Cloud for clients based on their specified requirements. This can be done on client’s on-premise data center or from Angani data center.

Some of the technologies we deploy are

  • Cloud environments with High Availability
  • Network Segmentation – Layer 2 VLANs, core routers/edge routers
  • Security – Firewalls, security scan tools, SIEM
  • Network Storage – NAS/SAN with HDD and SSD

We also offer VMware and Red Hat and other multiple open-source hypervisors for compute virtualization.


Traffic to a Private Cloud is usually restricted to the organization's own transactions, which enhances Private Cloud security. The organization has greater control over the server, network, and application security because a Private Cloud is made up of dedicated physical infrastructure.

Predictable costs

Public Cloud costs can be very unpredictable based on usage, storage charges, and data egress charges while Private Cloud costs remain constant in most cases.

Long-term savings

While an organization may deem setting up an infrastructure to support a Private Cloud to be expensive, it does pay off in the long term. If the organization already has the infrastructure such as hardware and networking devices, it can be much more cost-effective over time compared to monthly fees charged on Public Cloud.

Predictable performance

Since the hardware is dedicated rather than shared, workload performance is predictable and unaffected by other organizations on a shared infrastructure.

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