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Cloud Security

At Angani we believe that security empowers innovation. If you put security first, everything else will follow. Security is pervasive throughout Angani’s infrastructure and is baked into our state of the art systems. We have been operating securely in the Cloud since 2015. We have made heavy investments in infrastructure security and privacy since our early years.

Countless companies and governments have lost data because of security incidents. Just one such breach could cost millions in fines and lost business – and more importantly, the loss of customer trust. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have access to the resources needed to implement state-of-the-art security controls and techniques. That is where Angani comes in.

We use next-gen firewalls to protect from all kinds of breaches and attacks by making the Cloud more secure for our customers. We have designed our security to cover the full scope of the Cloud. It covers:

  • Physical networks
  • Data storage, Data servers, Computer virtualization frameworks
  • Access to your server
network segmentation
Network Segmentation

Firewalls enable the creation of network segments within the Cloud environment, isolating resources and controlling traffic flow between them.

rule based filtering
Rule-Based Filtering

Administrators can define firewall rules to allow or deny specific types of traffic based on source IP, destination IP, port numbers and protocols.

centralized management
Centralized Management

A centralized management console allows administrators to configure and manage firewall rules and policies across multiple Cloud instances or regions.

ddos mitigation
DDoS Mitigation

Our Firewalls are equipped with DDoS mitigation capabilities to detect and mitigate volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks in real-time.

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