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Angani Media

Launch your own locally hosted streaming platform through Angani Media service. Angani Media provides businesses with an end-to-end video and streaming platform. Businesses are provided with the ability to store, manage, and serve their full content library. Angani works closely with businesses to develop a fully optimized and redundant infrastructure to serve their content. The content can be accessed by viewers through different platforms such as iOS/Android apps, TV apps, and web apps based on the customer’s requirements.

Content Management
  • Scalable cloud storage
  • Encoding content to different resolutions
  • Titles, Tags and Metadata to organize content
  • Ingest video, audio, live TV and podcasts
  • User rights controls
  • Preview and test functionality
  • Publish/Unpublish flexibility
Streaming Engine and CDN
  • Adaptive bitrate to serve different screen sizes
  • Stream live TV and/or radio
  • Can be embedded in your website or mobile application
  • 10k to 100k+ simultaneous viewers
  • Ability to receive live TV and Radio streams from multiple providers without investing on infrastructure costs
  • Stream to social media e.g., YouTube, Facebook
Mobile and TV Apps
  • Fully customizable to fit your design requirements
  • Play live TV, Video on Demand, and radio content
  • Dynamic content screens
  • Android & iOS apps
  • Integrable Ad engine
  • Payment and subscriptions
  • Favorites and personalisation feature
  • DRM encryption
  • Geo-blocking – restricting content viewing based on the viewers’ geographic location

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